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Customer Service

We pride ourselves on our level of service. EUREU is run by a small dedicated team, so when you contact us, you won't have to deal with a call centre or a 'customer service advisor' working from a script. Instead you'll be helped by someone who knows what's going on and has genuine authority, technical know-how and responsibility to answer your question or need.

If, during UK office hours, you email we expect to respond to you within a few hours (and often within minutes). In any event, we undertake to respond within two business days and will always seek to resolve any service or technical issue as rapidly as possible. We will always seek to ensure that any information or advice we give is clear and unambiguous, and that you will not need a masters in computer science to understand it.

In the unlikely event that you have a complaint or wish to report abuse, please email or visit our contacts page for other means of contact. We would normally expect to respond within a few hours and in any event undertake to respond within three business days. We will seek as speedy a resolution as we can.

In the even more unlikely event that you are dissatisfied with our initial response, you will be invited to escalate the issue. It is our policy to provide details of who to contact in our initial response to any complaint or report of abuse.